Owls would be great cameramen!

That’s why we try to imitate them with super-stable motorised Steadycams and ultra-sensitive Cameras.

After studying at Narafi Film school in Brussels, Michiel van Son started having a passion for dynamic and moving images, he build his first drone in 2012. This was the start of a specialisation in Aerial Cinematography.

Although flying drones for Coptermotion for 2 years was a lot of fun, there still remained a passion for making his own movies from scratch.

So OWL was born, combining a technical interest in the latest gear with a creative striving to translate peoples dreams into movies.

We now also offer licensed and fully insured drone-services up to 5.2k 12bit CinemadngRAW or Apple Prores to perfectly match your Arri Alexa or RED footage with the ability to zoom from 14mm all the way up to 100mm. We can go low and slow or get a top speed of 100km/h. Full HD live-streaming with zero-latency is now also an option for your event-productions. Do you have your own DOP? He can now control the camera and focus with his own dedicated remote controller and screen. 

We work worldwide and speak Dutch, French and English.